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Unicorn Ride [WIP] Unicorn Ride [WIP]

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Not bad, man! Try scooping out some of the super low frequencies (~65 and lower) and mids around 150-350 Hz to get rid of the rumble/mud. The mix is super boomy and it's a shame because there's a lot of nice stuff happening here.

Harps especially throw all kinds of crazy harmonics around and have lots of low end frequency information. Try tidying it up a bit and it will sound way way better. The choir pad is a bit loud too, in my opinion, and definitely has a lot of boomy mid frequency information that you could attenuate.

The low synth/organ drone you have playing that C down there is super cool. Maybe try placing it further in the background though so it's a little more subtle?

Lovely melody in the cello and that chromatic string run at :57 is pretty hip.

All in all, sounds nice but try cutting away some of the mud so we can hear it a bit better.
Also, maybe try panning the harp to the left and delaying it to the right to widen the stereo image?

Cool! Well suited for a vintage Fantasy game.


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BananaBatN responds:

Thanks, man! :) I need reviews exactly like yours, helpful. I will definitely try out your tips! Especially useful for me, cause I have no clue about mixing... yet :)

(I will ask you a few things about mixing in general in PM, because if I'm right, you can't reply again after I reply here, anyways thanks again for your helpful review!)